Dr Yew Shiong Shiong

Dr Yew Shiong Shiong, Nephrologist and Physician, predominantly works in chronic kidney disease management and retardation of kidney disease progression.

He has special interests in renal transplantation, nephrology interventions, and also hemodialysis care.

He is an avid speaker for local, national and international conferences, eg. Malaysian Society of Nephrology Conference 2019, International Ketoanalogue Symposium (IKS) in Bangkok 2019, and International Ketoanalogue Symposium Asia 2020 (online masterclass).

Dr Yew has contributed numerous studies and publications, eg. in Hemodialysis international (2015)- (Impact of catheter related blood stream infection on duration of hospitalisation; risk factors of mortality and septic metastases in catheter related blood stream infection); and presented in The Transplantation Society 2018 (Madrid) with oral presentations (Mycophenolate acid therapeutic drug monitoring in de novo renal transplantation and the related outcomes; Predicting Mycophenolate acid area under the curve with Mycophenolate acid trough in de novo renal transplant).

Lastly, his true passion is just being a physician and clinician, in treating patients and getting them on their path towards a healthy life as much as possible.