Dr Hwang Shang-Jyh

I received my medical education and training at Kaohsiung Medical University and Hospital, and have been a faculty member of Kaohsiung Medical University for 30 years to serve as professor of medicine in College of Medicine and visiting staff of Nephrology in KMU Hospital.

My major interest of research is in issues related to chronic kidney disease, including epidemiology, etiology, screening, clinical care, outcomes, and economics.

Our team at KMU identified several novel features of CKD in Taiwan. In the past years, I desperately engaged in the work of kidney disease prevention in Taiwan, and have been the Secretary-General, Chairman of the CKD Prevention Committee, Taiwan Society of Nephrology.

I contributed myself to the work of promoting the concept of CKD prevention in Taiwan, engaged in promoting the policies making in the programs of kidney disease prevention and dialysis therapy, and also designed the informatics system for collecting data of dialysis/CKD patients.

My works of establishing a system of CKD integrated care contributed to the improvement of quality of care for CKD patients. These experiences were ever provided to the international cooperation project of our diplomatic related counties of Nicaragua and Belize.

From November 2019, I was elected as the president of Taiwan Society of Nephrology (TSN). I will keep on what I have contributed to TSN, and further facilitate the advance in research, medical care, professional training, and international collaboration with other nephrology societies in various countries and organizations.